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Classroom Environment & Bulletin Boards

Have you ever sat in a workshop and found yourself glued to every word the presenter said?  This is how I am with Ashley (Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd) and Angie (Lucky Little Learners)!  I feel like I every time they are doing a periscope, I learn something valuable, and I hang on to every word they say!  Both of them have great energy, are very smart, and love teaching.  Be sure to check them out on Periscope!

I'm linking up with their #2getherwearebetter linky this month to discuss Classroom Environment and Bulletin Boards!

I won't be creating a classroom this year, but I will have a space.  I just don't know what that space will be, who I will be sharing it with, and how we will create it.  However, I've done plenty a-classrooms and I've seen a million more!  So, let's talk walls!

Have you ever thought of what your classroom personality type is?  Are you "the Shock, the Chi, the Natural, the Pile, the Hospital, or the Model Home?"  Never heard of these personality types before?  Well, check out Phillip Done's book, 32 Third Graders and One Class Bunny!  He describes them in a hilarious manner.  But, seriously, how do you like your classroom?

I would consider mine a combination of the hospital and model home.  I'm OCD about organization and want things to pop.  Where am I going with this?  Well, your bulletin boards should pop!  You want them eye catching so that it draws students to them.  Why would we have them if we didn't want students to use them?  Every space in my classroom was intended for students' to use.  Plus, I love cute and clutter-free.  Here are my top 5 tips for creating this classroom!

Tip #1: Use a solid color
I was able to use fabric as my background color, and I chose black.  It really makes the anchor charts and posters stand out.  Don't we always outline stuff in black on the computer - that's because it makes it pop on the paper due to the contrast between black and white.  The same is true for the background of your bulletin boards.  I've used pink, neon green, yellow, patterned, etc. for the backgrounds - none look as good as the black ones that I had this year.

Tip #2: Keep a consistent theme throughout your room
As you can see in the above picture, I layered my borders.  Each border included a different color from my selected color palate, but consistent with black background and black trim in the outside.  In addition, each bulletin board (unlike pictured here) had three tissue paper flowers (in the same colors) in the corner of each bulletin board.  Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of the bulletin boards in use - ahhhh!!!

Tip #3: Include a title or heading
Because I was self-contained, I taught all subjects.  Each of my bulletin boards represented a different subject.  I created the banners using my computer and laminated them after cutting.  I cut small slits in the top two corner to thread the ribbon through.  Somewhat tedious, but well worth it!  This product is available in my TpT store!

Tip #4: Layer your anchor charts
It was great towards the end of the year and testing season for my students to revisit an anchor chart we had made earlier in the school year!  They went to the bulletin board, and flipped through the charts.  I've seen some people put the charts on binder rings and hang them on the bulletin board hooks.  I was able to just staple stuff onto the walls, so I just affixed the newest anchor chart on top of the old ones.  There were also several posters/charts that we used all year.  I hung those at the top of the bulletin board so that we could refer to them as needed.  Layering saves time and space in your classroom!

Tip $5: Display Student Work
Everyone likes to see what the students are doing in the classroom, especially parents and administrators.  Include a space, either inside or outside of your classroom, to display student work.  Many times, my student work involved some sort of craft project.  However, I have seen writing samples and reports hanging outside of classrooms as well.  My student work area was just the bulletin board border surrounding laminated sheets of scrapbook paper.  Then, I affixed a laminated tag for each student's name and a clothespin with a ribbon bow on it.  My students loved going and hanging their creation under their name.  I layered their work pieces until the end of the year when I gave it to them to take home.

Well, I hope you enjoyed these bulletin board tips!  Follow my blog for more classroom environment tips in the coming weeks.  Yay for back-to-school time!

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