Tuesday, August 19, 2014

"Tuesday: Where?" Part II

Back to "Tuesday: Where?" post!  I'm posting pictures of my classroom with a caveat that it is not 100% finished.  First of all, I do not have any desks yet!  Remember when I ranted on about those ginormous desks?  Well, I will be getting those, and I'm just praying that they will fit.  If not, I am going back to the "nature-esk" seating on the floor.  Perhaps I will bring in some tree stumps too!  LOL!

I'm now thinking 3 groups of 7...  I have 21 students on my roster currently.  Perhaps some of those will drop, OR...  I may get more!  AHHHHH!!!  Okay, on to where I work!

Welcome to my classroom (I love the way the lamps create a calming atmosphere)!

Okay, first we are taking a glance outside of my classroom.  I ordered these tissue paper flowers from Luna Bazaar.  They are very inexpensive, come in all colors, and had great service.  I created the chevron decals and attached with hot glue (A LOT of hot glue)...  I wasn't sure how to attach them to the wall, but ended up just stapling them to the wall.

I got this idea for the student work display from Mrs. S at Learning in Wonderland.  I still need to affix the clothespins with bows, but I haven't made them yet!  Another thing on the long list of things that still need to be finished!

Here is the side wall with my classroom door.  I'm the last classroom at one end of the building before you go outside.  I just found out today that I'm responsible for affixing the "shelter in place" sign on the external door if that occurs.  Yay!  LOL!

Okay, I made the little clock times that go around the clock several years ago.  It did seem to help the kiddos, so I dug them back out!  I have absolutely NO idea what I am going to put on this board.  I may divide it and make sections for each subjects' anchor chart for that day/week/etc.  I just haven't really decided!

These are my math manipulative containers.  The whole unit is from IKEA.  I love IKEA because you can get quality items at a decent price.  When I or the students need some tools, we just grab the tub.  Sometimes, I will take a tub of tools and separate them out for partners/individuals/groups as needed.

I also purchased these 2 hot pink tables and little stools from IKEA.  These computers have to be connected to a LAN line to access the web and servers.  So I also purchased two long network cables that run behind my library shelves.  If the stools prove to be too small for the kiddos, they can also sit on the floor.

My pride and joy is my classroom library.  It is constantly growing!  LOL!  I've told my BFF at school to NOT let me purchase any books this year!!!  Impossible!!!  But I will try!

Do you see those bright colored posters on the wall?  Those are my genre posters that are available on TpT.

My books are sorted by genre and topics.  I purchased the baskets at a local store, and the magazine files came from IKEA (duh)!

A close-up of the books!

I created the basket labels.  I used to have labels with pictures of the book titles or series characters.  I decided not to do that in the event that I discard some books as I did last year.  I may go and add a sticker to the back of each book that matches a sticker on the book basket.  I'm not sure how the kiddos will be with returning them to the correct baskets...

This is the front of the classroom.  My whole group area will be directly in front of the board.  As you can see, I have overflow of the classroom library into this area!  AHHH!!!  Is there such a thing as too many books?  LOL!

We are very fortunate - every classroom has the project, promethean board, and document cameras.  I love the promethean board, and use it quite often.  It also has the best sound when playing videos and music!

On the front wall, I have posted a smaller number line, an alphabet chart (cursive), and our whole brain teaching rules poster.  I will create a social contract with the kiddos that we all sign and agree to, but these rules will be taught as well.  They came from Amy Groesbeck at TpT as well.

Another pictures of the classroom library.  I am in love with my bulletin boards!  This one is missing the tissue paper poms, but they are on their way!  I ordered those from Luna Bazaar as well.  The white bench is from IKEA.

A close-up of those rules posters.  I also created the objective subjects and those schedule cards.  I'm not really happy with those, but don't feel like recreating something right now.  Maybe later!

This is the teacher work area for whole group.  I also have my teacher computer here.

This is the wall opposite from the door.  Well, it's not really a wall.  We have these partitions in every classroom that opens into a pod area.  Our team eats lunch here, as well as, have our team meetings, etc.

This wall houses my small group area!  I love having everything I need within a short distance, plus I can see the whole room!

Here is a closer look at the small group area.  The black shelf came from Home Depot - cheapest shelf I could find!

Here is a finished look at my safe place on the side of the rolling cabinet on this side of the room.  I still need to add a Friends and Family board...  Another thing I put on my list today!

I also have my calendar and birthdays chart.  I ordered the birthday chart from etsy...  It is so cute and I'm glad I got it, but it was pricey!  LOL!

Finally, we have my back wall.  This wall includes shelves for students and teacher materials, as well as, my word wall.  This area will probably change, but for now it is holding many of the student materials until I get desks.

A close-up of the word wall!  I made and cut and laminated each of those letters...  I'm really tired of cutting circles!!!  LOL!

My computer area and the reading and math bulletin boards.  I need chairs too!  LOL!  I also have to affix the tissue paper poms to the other bulletin board.

Finally, behind the door is the "How We Go Home" chart and the job chart.  I made both of these myself - I even watched a youtube video to learn to make those cute bows!  LOL!

Well, that's my daytime home!  I hope you enjoyed the pics!  I will try to update as soon as the entire room is finished and I have all of my desks!  Thanks for stopping by!

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