Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Team Gifts & More...

Last week, I shared about our team dinner.  I gave each teammate a little gift, and I'm here to share it with you today.  I love, love, love giving gifts!  And I also love, love, love making them cute in an inexpensive way!

One way I do this is to keep an eye out for great deals!  It's like those people that do Christmas shopping all year - you see it on sale or heavily discounted, and you buy it!  I have a shelf in my closet where I house items that could be gifts.

So, here goes with this year's team gift...

This cute little bucket came from Target $ Spot.  It was $3, but a great caddy to carry all of the things you may need for a meeting.  In fact, one of our teammates brought hers with the things she needed for the day to our team planning day on Monday.  I didn't even think about using it that way - a lesson planning caddy.  I may transform mine to that and include sticky notes, highlighters, my favorite pens (FLAIR), and such.  It has one long section and 2 half sections on the backside.

Do you have a Mardel Education & Christian Store near you?  We have one very close, and I love to go there to browse.  That store inspires me!  And I love that I can get education materials, gifts, Christian books, and Christian home decor items all in one place.  It is like the store/shop version of Hobby Lobby (same mother company I think).

Anyways, if you don't have one, you can still order online from them.  Typically you can also use their coupons and receive the sale prices online as well.  Sign up for their email.  I purchased these cute little notebooks (in all of their new classroom kit designs) with the coupon a few weeks ago.  I believe they were $2.99 each with the coupon.

These mug tumblers were on sale at Family Dollar (similar to Dollar General) for $3.00!  They came in all sorts of bright colors and different design inserts.  I haven't used mine yet, but I have washed it already!  I will most likely use it at school...

Our school-wide theme this year is Peace, Love, Matthys (1960s, groovy, tie dye, etc).  I don't know if I'm 100% in LOVE with it, but I found these peace sign necklaces at the Dollar Store.  I couldn't resist getting them for the team!  Perhaps we will wear them on the first day for teachers...

Finally, these were purchased on my summer vacation to California.  Mom and I visited Disneyland, and I found these on sale by the register.  They are little stick flags, round sticky notes, and the Mickey ears are page flags (the ears stick out of the page they are affixed to).  Super cute, and they were also in bright colors.

I think the girls loved their gift, and I definitely had fun putting them together.  Had I not ran out of time, I probably would have affixed a bow/ribbon to the buckets!!!

So, what types of deals have you found?  Do you gift shop ALL of the time like me???

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