Monday, August 18, 2014

"Monday: Who?" Blog Hoppin' Back-to-School Teacher Week

I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin' and their Back-to-School Teacher Week!  I really can't believe how fast this summer went, and how much I DIDN'T GET DONE!!!  In any case, the time has come to accept reality!
Mom, Dad, & Me!

So, today is all about ME!  I'm only child, so this is a perfect place to start!!!  LOL!  Keep reading for my "TOP 10" about Cheryle!

  • I was born and raised in Seabrook, Texas (southeast of Houston).  I moved away just a few years to Florida, but couldn't stay gone too long.  Once a Texas, ALWAYS a Texan!!!  I love this area, but do NOT love the weather during the month of August!!!  It is typically humid, and that just doesn't work well with my hair!
  • I will be teaching 3rd grade this year, but starting my 4th year at my school.  During the last three years, I was the campus literacy coach.  I loved it, especially working with the teachers!
My School!!!
  • I'm starting my 8th year in education.  I can still remember almost every detail about my first year, but also see how much I have grown over the years.  I have only taught 3rd grade in the classroom, but as a literacy coach, was able to expand my knowledge to the other grades.  Last year, I spent a lot of time in Kindergarten - those little darlings are so much fun to teach!
  • My undergrad degree is in business management!  Can you believe that?  I have always loved teaching - actually started in education when I started college.  Due to various turns and flips throughout college, I ended up in business!  I actually went and worked for Walt Disney World in Orlando, and equally LOVED that, too.  My specialty was in Human Resources, and if I ever need to reenter the business world, that would definitely be where I would go!  After a few years at Disney, I decided that my heart was truly in education, and so my journey began again towards teaching.
Just a little visit to WDW!
  • I love professional development - giving and receiving!!!  I have attended several conferences over the years, and also have my masters in education (curriculum & instruction).  I also love writing curriculum.  I write a lot for our district, and have just recently entered the world of selling on TpT!
The 2 Sisters and one of my PFFs, Korie

Our little LC group at IRA in a rainstorm on a horse-drawn buggy!
  • I have recently become an avid reader - thanks to my reading community!  I am part of a very close group of literacy coaches in my school district that loves to read!  We are constantly referring books to each other, and often get together to see "books into movies."  We try to meet every month after work to just catch up, and many times our conversations turn to books we are reading.  I'm okay with admitting, however, that I'm in a book slump.  Donalyn Miller, one of my most favorite people in the whole world, says that is A-OKAY!

One of my other close friends, Shandar, and me with our PDFF, Donalyn Miller!
  • I have the most adorable dog, Lola Grace, who is a shih-tzu!  She is so loving, and hangs out with me when I am at home.  I do not like when she gets into the trash, pulls out a bag of homemade chocolate chip cookies, or tears apart the magazine that just came in the mail the day before.  I think she is like her momma, and loves to read as well.  She just doesn't know how to turn the pages!

  • I love, love, love tex-mex!  I'm also a meat & potatoes gal - get that from my dad who is from Germany.  I've been told many times that their main staple is meat & potatoes (& bread and butter).  Avocados have recently become one of my most favorite things to add to almost any dish!  Yummy in my Tummy!
  • Traveling is my passion!  If I were to win the lottery (I don't play at all) or if I were to find the hidden cash of a million dollars, I would travel all over the world.  Lately, my travels have mostly been cruises.  I love cruising because everything is prepared for you - a true vacation under the sun on the open seas!  My mom and usually travel together, and have a great time.  
Me in California this summer!

Me in the Caribbean!  I love water!
  • I love my friends and family, but most importantly, I love that I have a relationship with God.  He is my rock, my shield, my fortress.  My faith is stronger than ever, and that is only because He has prepared me for the troubles now and to come.  I have been teaching 4th graders during Sunday School, but I'm moving on from that this year.  I'm also in the church choir, and I love it!  Sometimes I get so into the music...  I love to sing!!!  

I can tell you so much more about me, but time has run out!  Keep checking back for more "Back-to-School" goodies this week!

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  1. We need to have a community meeting and jump start our "to be read" piles for the year :) Happy first day--Hope it's AMAZING--just like you :)