Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I can't believe we go back OFFICIALLY next Monday!!!

AHHHHHHHH!!!!  Really, next Monday!  As in 4 days, my "normal" returns.  I've been frantically trying to get my classroom finished before Monday so that the staff development week doesn't interfere with trying to finish a classroom!  LOL!

I actually left the school around 6:15 tonight feeling a lot better about my classroom.  I "hunkered down" and hit the "on" button to get tasks completed.  However, it really baffles me how my list doesn't seem to get shorter.  Do you have the issue where you make a list, do something on the list, and then think of something else that needs to be done?  That seems to be the case.  But...  If I had to start school tomorrow, I could feel comfortable with everything the way it is now!  I will be giving a classroom "reveal," but it isn't ready for that yet!

I have no student desks right now!  Actually, the school doesn't have anymore desks!!!  So, I'm waiting for them.  I told some teacher friends that we may just sit in a circle all day on the floor and sing songs and do yoga!  LOL!

So, you want to see a "peek" into what is to come?  Here is a pic of the room before tonight.

That's my TBF (Teacher Best Friend), Andrea, over there on the side of the pic working in her classroom.  Her 4 year old daughter, Kinsley, helped me a lot yesterday.  We worked on peeling the backs off of little circle magnets - fine motor skills! She was great, but I did help her a little bit!  :)

Something I want to share with you today are my book basket/box labels.  I have a "gazillion" books, and there were equally a "gazillion" labels to affix to their appropriate location.  Here's a close-up of them...

I cut, laminated, and re-cut them.  Then, I affixed them to the boxes with clear packing tape.  The magazine boxes came from IKEA (5 for $1.49 currently, but call first to confirm they are in stock).

These are attached with rings to the baskets.  The baskets came from a local 99 cents and more store.  I visited them again this summer, and they no longer sell these baskets.  This disappointed me because I needed more bright baskets.  

I'm thinking about putting them on TpT...  Would anyone be interested in them?  What if they were editable in ppt?  

I also finished the 3rd grade writers notebook with grammar lessons for the 1st 9 weeks!!! YAY!!!  However, I still have 2nd and 4th grade to go.  Here's a sneak peek at it!  

And fabulous news for you!  If you love this preview, you can grab a FREEBIE!  Head over to my TpT shop, and download this sample for teaching punctuation.  I'm going to do a few blog posts about grammar instruction this fall, and explain how I use writing interactive notebooks in my classroom. 

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend! 

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