Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Working On It Wednesday: Too Much to Work On!!!

I can't believe it is Wednesday, and I'm linking up with Kim and Megan at Kindergals!  Well, Wednesday is almost over!

Every day I tell myself not to stress because it IS ONLY the middle of July.  (Secret: It's not working!)  So, what did I do to help myself?  I made a list!  How many of you are list-makers?  It's one of my signature traits.  Wait - can list-making be a signature trait?  Well, if it is, then that is mine!

I started with a list on my desktop with the little "stickies" a week ago.  Those stickies weren't big enough for my lists.  So I went really big, and made an anchor chart list.  That wasn't great because it was too big and I can't stand when my anchor charts are all wonky and have different handwriting and didn't have a border!  (Okay, my next signature trait is ensuring that everything is "pretty"!!!)  So, what did I end up doing?  I used my tried and true list paper, and made three different lists!  Ahhhh...  They can stay on my desk, and I can stare at them every time I work on my computer.

But then the inevitable set in - STRESS!!!  IT IS THE MIDDLE OF JULY AND I NEED TO GET CRACKIN' ON THIS STUFF!!!  LOL!  See picture below.

The first list is everything that I need to want to make for my classroom.  I do have the word wall letters made, they just need to be printed, cut, and laminated.  So, no crossing that off the list yet I guess!  The second list has the stuff I might actually be teaching that first week.  I'm pretty sure that this will be the last list that gets worked on (minus the parent information).  And finally, the third list has all of the "crafty" things I need (oops) want to make.  Wait a minute!  I DO NEED these things.  If I spend most of my life in this one room of  walls, it is going to make me feel HAPPY!!!  RIGHT?!?!?!

So, like I said, I'm working on some of the things from the first list.  It just takes time!  Can you relate to this crazy design process???

Yes, that is 7 different types of letters.  I did finally decide on one, and have created the whole alphabet.  I have also already created the final name plate, and ordered them on Rack Cards through Vistaprint (coupons are great)!  I hope that they work with the Rack Card size, but it was one less thing that I would print and cut and laminate.  The pennant below is still a work in progress.  I am doing a bright theme with the colors black, turquoise, pink, and green.  It will be a mix of dots and chevron.

Remember how I mentioned that I was making that Word Study Notebook?  Well, it is now available in Teachers Pay Teachers!  I opened a store this week, and posted a free anchor lesson (3rd Grade, Multiple Meaning Words).  Then, I posted that Word Study Notebook.  I wasn't sure if the price was right - that's the hardest part!!!  I could be like I am while hosting a garage sale, and everything costs $1.00!!!  But alas, I didn't do that.  I thought $5.00 was reasonable, and I will most likely be adding more pages to it.

Sample Vocabulary Anchor Lesson     Word Study Interactive Notebook Set-Up

So what's cookin' with ya???  This post turned way longer than I wanted, but that is okay!  Just remember... Just keep swimmin', just keep swimmin'!!!

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