Monday, July 14, 2014

A Mid-July Monday Made-It

Okay, week #7 is here of Monday Made-It with 4th Grade Frolics, and I didn't quite get all of my "Made-It's" done!  But for good reason (I keep telling myself that)!  LOL!  I can't believe it is already mid-July!!!  I need to get movin' on my Monday made-it's if I want to get everything done before August 4th.  I have a busy schedule once August starts:

  • Team Planning Day - I'm going to create a post of this after we have it.  But the deal from the principal was if everyone on the team meets, we get a week of jeans.  WE WILL DO ANYTHING FOR A WEEK OF JEANS!!!  Do you ever feel that way???
  • 3 District-Wide Professional Development workshops - I'm presenting 3 times!!!  AHHHH!!!  And my handouts are due to the district this week!!!  More AHHHH!!!  What am I presenting, you ask?  Analyzing Running Records, Creating a Literacy-Rich Classroom Environment, and Assessing Literacy using W.R.A.P. Assessment (similar to DRA, BAS, Rigby, etc.).
  • I'm also attending workshops - some mandatory and some just because I wanna!!!
  • Doctor appointments that need to happen before school starts, and of course a hair appointment!!!
  • Teacher return week beginning August 18th - that week is always "chalk" full of meetings, professional development, and team building!  Yay!!!
So what does that leave me?  Not much time, I must say.  And with that, not much time to work in my classroom!!!  Okay, back to Monday Made-It!

I'm working on opening a TpT and TN shop.  I thought if I make something, I should put it out there for others to also use.  Also, many of the curriculum pieces that I create for our district are my own - many hours spent creating things for teachers to use in their classrooms across our district.  So, this week, I created a word study notebook.  Well, I've had it for about a year, but I just compiled it into one document for our teachers to use.  Why not let all of you see it, too???

Well, I started another "Made-It," but I haven't quite finished it yet!  LOL!  I bought this chair from a thrift store - I'm all about saving a buck and have very good intentions to create something beautiful.  Sometimes those intentions turn into a year-long project.  This chair has been sitting in the garage for about 5 months.  I brought it inside on Friday night and started removing the seat and taking off the awful fabric.  I also ventured to Home Depot and purchased some spray paint.  I already have the new fabric for the seat.  Next step is to sand it and spray paint it.  Maybe tonight will be the night that I can finish a "crafty" project.

I also purchased some "bright" spray paint colors.  I've gotten the spray paint bug, I just haven't done anything with it!  LOL!  I use cement blocks to build shelves in my classroom for my library.  I have well-over 2,000 titles, and need lots of shelving to hold all of those books.  So...  I thought I would spray paint the cement blocks.  I bought one from Home Depot to test to see if I like it.  Right now, my cement blocks are covered with fabric.  It's starting to fall off, so I'm going to try spray painting.  I also want to bring home my mailboxes and spray paint them black.

Well, that was a lot of partial "made-its"!!!  I also went shopping this past weekend.  I love this time of year - all of the school supplies are going on sale.  Penny and quarter sales call my name every weekend!  What's on sale this weekend?  Well, you can get 4 glue sticks, sharpie markers, and scissors for 25-cents each (Office Depot/Max).  They also have the shape post-its on sale for $1 each.  One can never have too many post-it's, right???  My mom and I also ventured out to IKEA yesterday, and they had hot pink little tables on clearance for $5.99.  I bought 2 stools for the kiddos to sit on while using the 2 "dinosaur" computers.  My mom bought me a bench-shelf-cubby thingy and the slide-in boxes for my birthday.  OH!  We are going to make a bench seat cushion for that, too!  And my favorite thing from IKEA - white magazine file boxes!!!  They were the cheapest I have ever seen them - 5 for $1.49!!!  What a steal!!!  I hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!

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