Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Day Full of... Beginning of the Year Forms!

I guess I got "post happy" and then it seemed like I fell off the face of the "blog"! No, I was just trying to spend my last "unofficial" week of vacation getting stuff done for school. Last week, I worked mostly on files for Meet-the-Teacher night, first week of school, and Open House. We will get to some of those files further down.

I also got my 2nd external harddrive in this week! It's silly that I get so excited, but let me tell you I needed it! I have an external harddrive that I keep at home with only personal files on it, plus backup files from my computer. I've had it happen one two many times where my computer crashes, gets a virus, or I get delete happy, and I lose the files! UGH! Then, I decided that I needed another that I can carry back-and-forth from school with ALL of the my teacher files. Previously I have used a new flashdrive/jumpdrive for each year. I have only been teaching for 4 years (officially), but I ran out of USB ports! After researching and purchasing, I got my new external harddrive in the mail from Amazon. Then I had the task of transforing files. That was an ordeal because I usually cut/paste the file, but after the last time of doing that and corrupting the files, I just copied them all to the new harddrive. They are now all successfully on the new harddrive! YAY!

Now on to the good stuff! As I said, I've been working on my back-to-school forms. So, without further ado, here they are! (Oh, some of the files have come from other people through blogs and proteacher. If you see something you recognize, please help me thank the original creator!)

1.  Organizing those school forms and keeping track of them...  I use this form (excel format) to track my forms that parents complete.  The school wants them turned in as soon as we get them, but I always forgot who turned them in.  So I use this form to track it.  I highlight the students that haven't turned them in, send home a 2nd copy (with that written on it), and hopefully they return it the next day.  I keep all of my back-to-school checklists on my cute clipboard.  I have a new one this year that my teacher friend, Keri, made me for my birthday!

2.  I also have a form (excel format) that I use to check off the school supplies that students bring in.  I usually collect the students supplies in the morning after announcements.  They bring them over to my table, and I call out the supplies.  They say yes or no, and then place them in the corresponding basket or bucket.  It has worked for the last two years, and then I know if students need supplies (which I generally can give them).  I also follow a "community supplies" procedure.  I swear by this, and haven't ever had parents complain.  The only supplies that the students keep at their desk is their supply box with crayons and colored pencils in it.  We have a pencil cup with strict procedures of when they can sharpen pencils and how many pencils they can have in their desk.  This has worked for several years.

3.  This is a form that I have parents fill out at Meet-the-Teacher (MTT) night.  Our MTT is typically the night before school starts (our district starts school on a Tuesday).  This helps with transportation at dismissal.  You would be surprised at how many students don't know how they go home, what bus they ride, etc.  The students and parents that don't make it to MTT have to fill out this form anyways.  I like the information to have on file in my classroom, especially the info about siblings in other grades/classes.

4.  The next form is my Parents are the Expert form.  I send this home the first week of school just to get a little bit more information about my students.  I especially use the information about what they like when talking with them 1:1.  It also helps to guide them to books that may be of interest early in the school year.

5.  This form is to solicit parent volunteers.  Our campus has volunteer day once a week, and we can leave stuff for the volunteers to work on.  However, I like to also have the information so that I can contact parents about last minute field trips and/or class party support.  It actually happened last year when we were invited to see the city symphony play.  We had less than one week to get all of the paperwork and chaperones together, and it really helped having these volunteer forms.  I knew exactly which parents to call first.

6.  The last document that I have is my ABCs of our Classroom.  I had this document a couple of years ago, but decided to bring it back.  I started looking at it, and I decided that I really like it and think my parents need to see this stuff.  Now, I'm sure not all of the parents will read it, but at least they have to sign it and will have it on hand to refer to.  I did a small brochure last year, but I found that it wasn't quite as extensive as it needed to be and there were several things that I didn't include on it but needed to.  I may still use the brochure, but modify it with the reminders for Open House night.

I created several files and uploaded to VistaPrint last summer.  Some of those files are shown below.

I know this was a long post, but hopefully it will be worth it.  If anything, it may just get you thinking about some of the forms that you need for the beginning of the school year.

Coming soon...  I'm still working on my spelling stuff.  As soon as it is finished, I plan to post it here.  I also will have some more math stuff to post.  I'm going up to school starting Monday to work in my classroom!  I can't believe it is already here!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing all of these great resources!

  2. I LOVE the volunteer request form! Do you have another copy that doesn't include the information re: your volunteer night?