Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Summer is here... (and so are long hours...)

Well, let me explain...  The long hours I'm referring to are the hours that I spend doing nothing except working on my computer!  This happens a lot to me during the summer - I don't even get out of my pjs!  At least I ate today!

Today's computer work includes the following:
  • Working on district curriculum for reading and writing (many more long hours to go!)
  • Updating my blog to have cute post title, date, and sidebar fonts (yay, it worked!)
  • Reading other teacher blogs - I love reading everyone's tips, ideas, etc. that are out there...
I'm hoping to get this blog up and running as a valuable resource, not only to myself, but also to other teachers.

With more to come next time,
Ms. L :)

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